Privacy Policy

According to every visitor’s preference, ThemeAnsar might need personal info supported that interaction guests favor to do. Otherwise, guests will surf through different space that doesn’t need getting into personal identification on guests are eligible to refuse to provide personal info which could forestall them to interact in an exceedingly bound activities on our website.
Usage of non-public Information

Your personal information are confidential and are used in:

Proceed billing and orders
Confirmation and notification on your orders, membership, supports and other subscribed campaign that you have applied for.

Personal Information Sharing

We do not share your personal information under any circumstances unless requested by:

Legal law/process
Disclosing your personal information is necessary to protect our rights, or others, or requested by government, or investigate fraud.
In term of further merging/acquisition with other businesses, such data would be shared upon notifications to you via email.
Others with your consent in order to do so.


ThemeAnsar uses cookie to keep track of your preferences, general usage and profile information excluding any personal information.

if you do not wish have cookies stored in your computer, should set your browsers to refuse recording cookies when surfing on our site. However, without the aid of cookies, you will not be able to view/function on our website properly.

Ask us on queries & Answers section or email us on to for personal help if you would like to. we have a tendency to guarantee to get you within the loop within the earliest time possible.